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Beautiful Bali!!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!


I will be perfectly honest, i am seriously struggling to adjust to life back in London town after having the most wonderful time on my holidays… 3 weeks in Singapore then the islands of Bali with my lovely boyfriend, yep, there’s gonna be a bit of a comedown i reckon!! Anyways, i am indeed back and not exactly raring to go but am hoping this post’ll break me gently back in, and am hoping you get to see a tiny bit of the paradise i got to see halfway round the other side of the world…


I must start by sharing with you the most gorgeous sunset i have ever seen at 1 of the best finds on our trip- ‘Potato Head’ , this place seriously rocked my little world, down an undescript Bali style country lane lurked this, at first, unassuming beach bar. This is most definitely a word of mouth type hangout, yep, thanks a mill Verity ( my sister’s best pal!) once at the end of the lane, a giant high as a block of flats cylindrical style structure awaits, and all made out of vintage shutters!!!! Vintage shutters down a funny little lane in the middle of Bali, i kid you not! i was beside myself..


Besides the vintage shutters, the luxurious daybeds overlooking the infinity pool and the beach just beyond, this place also had killer cocktails and some seriously mellow tunes to watch the sunset to… Paradise. tick.


Probably the most surprising and fascinating thing i discovered on my travels in beautiful Bali was how much vintage inspires almost every corner of this tiny world we live in, even in some miniscule island not far from Lombok which believe me, took planes, trains and automobiles to reach ( also a great deal of patience and a handy sick bag) ,even on this tiny isle, beside the 10 stray cats and a barefoot local selling freshly picked coconuts, hung an A4 piece of paper with the header ‘ New Vintage Stock Just Arrived!’ – vintage stall opening behind the grilled fish man!!!

(You have no idea how seriously i am considering upping sticks and giving that only vintage stall in the village a run for their money!!! Surely that grilled fish man can find a little spot behind him for me too?!)

Pipe dreams aside, i digress, and back to the vintage window adornment, another of my favourite finds on Bali was a wonderful little diner called Sea Circus…


Random pieces of pastel coloured vintage glass made into groovy glass louvre windows. Check.

Not to mention the killer expresso martini i simply had to try. And the freshly caught barramundi and chips served on a wooden chopping block covered in vintage newspaper. I could go on…


Why oh why oh why did i not take this recent find of mine on my travels, a palm tree patterned 50’s day coat?!! I will be sure to definitely take this with me if i ever get the chance to do Bali again.

Fingers, toes, in fact everything crossed i get to go again, but for now back to reality and back to the here and now, in fact i’m feeling pretty inspired and may even have a little Bali style theme for my next vintage pop-up shop… I will be sure to keep you informed


Part 1 of my Bali blog is done, will be back with another installment just as soon as i can transfer the pix from my iPhone on to my computer.

I am a technophobe. Do the math.


Couldn’t not show this classic picture. Hong Kong Phooey.

Until the next time vintage lovers…

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  1. love it love it- that bar looks truly mindblowing! And what size is that day coat..?! xxxx

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