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Vintage L.A Style….

Hello Vintage lovers!

Welcome to my blog and my first ever post!!!

I will endeavour to try and enlighten you on the world through my eyes, that is through the eyes of me and my double life as a part-time air stewardess and full-time lover of everything and anything vintage!

The beauty of my bread and butter job of flying the skies enables me to source all things vintage and I promise to bring you pictures, hopefully some top tips and of course some valuable addresses of the quirkiest, coolest and just out there random places of interest the world over.

So, here we go, my first pitstop- L.A!

I am currently sat on my kingsize, laptop on lap- Carrie Bradshaw style. I would love to report back that I’m bringing you this blog live and direct from this bright lumo turquoise shabby but oh so cool 60’s style motel that I came across while walking but the truth is just a tad more corporate unfortunately!

The corporate hotel I refer to is situated on Redondo Beach, just a hop,skip and a jump from Hermosa Beach, I love this laid back beach town so much!!! You never know what is round the corner, no two houses are the same…


I was hoping to snap some street style whilst here, but in all honesty the look on Hermosa is pretty uniform- cut off denims, the obligatory Havianas and Dr Dre headphones slung round the neck, oh and did I mention the other must-have accessory, the miniature french pug dog of course!

Ok, so i might not be exactly digging this look but I am totally digging the one thing that you simply cannot be without on Hermosa and that is the beach cruiser bike..


You can hire one of these on any street corner and they are so much fun,I have coveted one for as long as I can remember, I just don’t quite know how it’ll work down Lewisham High Street dodging the onslaught of expected snow and of course the bad attitude. I’ll keep dreaming, I may just start the trend in Lewisham, you never know!  Keep your eyes peeled for a sunshine yellow beach cruiser parked up outside the cancer research shop, directly opposite the sausage man on Lewisham High Street, if you  do be sure to give me a wave!


Anyway, i digress, back to the fashion.

This little vintage shop is bursting full of surprises and is located at 114 Hermosa Avenue.


I managed to find this gorgeous little 60’s shift dress, I just fell in love with the belt style neck detail. Of course I have added this little gem to My Vintage Affair’s collection and is available now to buy.  Do get in touch if you are interested!

image image-1 image-52 image-3

I really hope I’ve given you a little insight into Hermosa Beach and the life here, but I’m afraid its now time for me to cycle off into the sunset on my yellow beach cruiser…

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